Best Orthodontist near Encino, CA

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Female land male patient with braces and Invisalign treatment

Best Orthodontist near Encino, CA

Female land male patient with braces and Invisalign treatment

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Are you dreaming of a straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile? Remember, everyone notices a great smile and its never to late to get one. At orthodontics in Woodland hills we offer a wide range of affordable orthodontic treatments, including both traditional and Invisalign® system. Our goal is to help you and your loved one achieve the beautiful smiles you desire. Start your journey towards a radiant smile with us today!

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Welcome to our practice near Encino, CA, where transforming smiles and confidence is our mission. Meet Dr. Zarrinnia, a highly respected Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopedic Specialist with two decades of experience. His dedication to crafting beautiful, healthy smiles through personalized care and the latest technology has made him a trusted expert. Specializing in both straightening teeth and enhancing facial aesthetics, Dr. Zarrinnia ensures every patient achieves a lasting, radiant smile. Experience the difference with us and start your journey to a brighter smile today.

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Discover Your Perfect Smile With Braces in Encino, CA

Metal Braces

For those in Encino, CA exploring orthodontic options, traditional metal braces offer a reliable and effective solution. This classic approach uses small metal brackets attached to each tooth, linked by a flexible archwire. This combination works to gently steer your teeth into the desired position over time, with adjustments made periodically to ensure continuous and effective alignment. It’s a proven method that balances efficiency with the transformative power to craft the smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re considering a journey to a more confident smile, traditional metal braces might just be the starting point you’re looking for.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are becoming the go-to choice for adults in Encino who prefer the more subtle appearance of clear braces. These innovative braces feature tooth-colored brackets and bands, blending seamlessly with your teeth for a discreet orthodontic treatment. Ideal for those who wish to maintain a professional appearance or simply prefer not to draw attention to their orthodontic treatment, clear braces offer an effective way to correct misalignments without compromising on aesthetics.

We want all of our patients to lover their smiles. That’s why we treat all orthodontic issues, mild to severe, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Tooth gaps
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
Invisalign® Icon

Encino Orthodontist: Perfect Smile With Invisalign

If you’re worried about how braces might impact your oral health, there’s an alternative that might catch your interest—Invisalign. Standing out as today’s most popular clear aligner treatment, Invisalign uses tailor-made trays to shift your teeth into place. What’s great about Invisalign trays is their removability, offering you a a lot of benefits, including keeping up with your usual oral hygiene routine.

Dealing with brackets and wires can naturally make dental care a bit trickier, but with removable aligners, you can brush and floss just like you’ve always done. This means that opting for Invisalign doesn’t increase your chances of getting cavities. If Invisalign sounds like it could be your path to a brighter smile, schedule an appointment today to discover if you qualify for treatment.

See the chart below for more information on how Invisalign and braces compare to one another:

Key FactorsInvisalignTraditional Braces
VisibilityVirtually invisible visible
RemovableFixed to teeth (non-removable)
Malocclusion Severity
Mild-to-severe (complicated cases require additional measures)Mild-to-severe
Possible Discomfort
May cause jaw soreness but not abrasionsMay cause jaw soreness or light abrasions to soft tissue in the mouth
Food Restrictions
No food restrictionsNo crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods to prevent broken brackets
Oral Hygiene
Patients remove their aligners before brushing/flossing and can brush/floss as alwaysPatients must brush and floss around their brackets
Compliance Requirements
Patients must wear their aligners 20-22 hours every day, visit the orthodontist every 4-6 weeks, and maintain proper oral hygienePatients must visit the orthodontist every 4-6 weeks, maintain proper oral hygiene, and avoid certain foods

Top Benefits of Orthodontic treatment near Encino, CA

A Beautiful Smile

Improved speech

Prevention of Dental Issues

Better Biting and Chewing

Improved Oral Health

Increased Confidence

Orthodontic Success Stories

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5-Star Rating

Before I went to Dr. Zarrinnia, I went to another orthodontist who wanted me to wait to work on my teeth but Dr. Zarrinnia took one look and had me on the path to beautiful teeth in no time! He is one of the most professional, educated orthodontists in California who is able to handle difficult situations with a variety of different techniques. If I had to describe Dr. Zarrinnia’s work in two words it would be perfect teeth!

Cole D.
Yelp Review
5-Star Rating

This office is amazing in every way! From when you walk in and greeted by Julie, the amazing office staff, and Dr. Zarrania himself. The quality of care provided is amazing and everyone here is so caring and personable. They make you feel like family! They are very accommodating with your schedule and appointments and the results are impeccable. I’ve always been insecure about my smile and I couldn’t be more proud of how my teeth look now. Both my son and I had braces at the same time as well (we went through the experience together). His experience was just as positive. I absolutely recommend Dr. Zarrania for kids and adults!

Tamara B.
Google Review Google Reviews
5-Star Rating

We are lucky to have found Dr. Z’s office. Him and his staff are all professional and have treated us with kindness and respect. My daughter had her braces done at his office and we are very satisfied with the work and results. Definitely would recommend him to others

Carole A.
Yelp Review
5-Star Rating

I went to Zarrinnia 2 to 3 years ago for my teeth, smile. My teeth was not good shape at all. My bite was very bad and I was embarrassed about my teeth and smile. I went to go see Kourosh Zarrinnia for my treatment for my teeth, smile. He said I needed braces and to expand my mouth with the expansion. He knows of what he is doing and he is very nice person. He wants the best for your smile and teeth. The employees at the office are very nice and professional. They really Care about you and your treatment. After my treatment for my braces and expansion for my mouth for 2 to 3 years. I got my braces off today and I have a beautiful smile. I would really recommend this place and Zarrinnia!

Arash M.

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Encino, located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, strikes a perfect balance between suburban comfort and metropolitan convenience. This affluent neighborhood is characterized by its wide, tree-lined streets, spacious homes, and an array of upscale amenities. Encino’s vibrant commercial heart along Ventura Boulevard offers an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, catering to the diverse tastes of its residents. The area is also known for its excellent schools, making it a favored choice for families. With easy access to both the natural beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains and the bustling city life of downtown Los Angeles, Encino provides an ideal setting for those seeking a serene lifestyle with all the advantages of city living. Its rich community life, numerous parks, and recreational facilities further enhance the quality of life in Encino, making it a highly desirable place to call home.

Over two decades, Orthodontics in Woodland Hills is recognized as one of the best orthodontic treatment providers in Los Angeles. We use the latest digital tools to craft personalized care plans that prioritize patient preferences, lifestyle considerations, and scheduling convenience. Our Woodland Hills office is located just 7 miles from Encino, CA, making it a popular destination for Encino patients of all ages.