Who is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are not just dental professionals; they are architects of beautiful smiles. Dedicated to transforming both your dental health and aesthetics. An orthodontist is a dentist with specialized training in correcting dental and facial irregularities. Unlike general dentists, orthodontists undergo additional years of education and training, focusing on aligning teeth and jaws to enhance both oral function and aesthetic appeal.

What they Do?

Orthodontists play a crucial role in dental healthcare. Their expertise lies in:

  • Diagnosing and treating misaligned teeth and jaws (malocclusions)
  • Designing and applying braces, clear aligners, and other dental devices
  • Monitoring facial growth and development in children and teenagers
  • Collaborating with dentists and other specialists for comprehensive oral care

How Are Orthodontists & Dentists Different?

While both orthodontists and dentists aim to improve oral health, their roles differ significantly. Dentistry is a broad medical field dealing with teeth, gums, nerves, and jaws. In contrast, orthodontics is a specialized branch within dentistry focusing on correcting bites, occlusion, and teeth straightness. It’s important to note that while all orthodontists, such as Dr. Zarrinnia, are qualified dentists, not all dentists are licensed orthodontists. An orthodontist undergoes additional education, much like a doctor who becomes a surgeon. Orthodontists specifically help patients with teeth alignment, bite improvement, and fitting for corrective braces and devices. If a patient has an overbite, for instance, they will be referred by a dentist to an orthodontist.

Why Visit an Orthodontist?

Common conditions treated by orthodontists include:

  • Overbite: When the upper front teeth lie far beyond & over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite: Where the lower teeth extend out farther beyond the upper front teeth.
  • Crossbite: When the upper front teeth extend far beyond the lower teeth.
  • Open Bite: A space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together.
  • Spacing: Gaps or spaces between the teeth.
  • Crowded teeth: It is the lack of space for all the teeth to fit within the jaws. Crowded teeth can make it problematic to brush and floss properly.

Consult With An Orthodontist In Woodland Hills, CA

Now that you know whom to approach when looking for the best one to straighten your teeth. If you live in Woodland Hills or a nearby community, you should visit the best orthodontist & know what orthodontic treatment will best suit your needs. Contact us today & schedule your appointment.