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Orthodontics in Woodland Hills offers custom mouthguards at our dental office in Woodland Hills. These protective appliances help safeguard your smile to reduce your risk of injury, joint pain, dental emergencies, and more.


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Benefits of Wearing a Professionally Fitted Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards provide an added level of protection and comfort compared to over-the-counter appliances. Because these appliances are fitted to your unique smile, you can rely on a comfortable shape that won’t be distracting or irritating while you sleep or wear them during athletic activities. Additionally, they’re less likely to fall out because they’re molded to your unique smile.

Investing in a mouthguard is one of the best ways to protect your teeth. Because acrylic appliances are easily replaced as they wear down, there’s no need to worry about worn teeth or dental work to restore them. These specialized appliances are one of the best pieces of “insurance” you can have for your smile.

Common Types of Mouthguards:

Depending on your oral health history, symptoms, age, and activity level, there are typically three common types of mouthguards to consider:

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Oral and facial injuries are among some of the most common emergencies we see in athletes. Fortunately, wearing a sports mouthguard can significantly reduce the chances of broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and concussions.

Sports mouthguards wrap around all of the upper teeth and create a buffer between the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. They also reduce the likelihood of the jaw being able to hit the base of the skull during a fall or blow to the face. All of these factors reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries and fractures, helping protect athletes against serious medical emergencies.

Most importantly, custom sports mouthguards stay in place during a fall or hit. This also safeguards athletes against secondary trauma after the initial hit or fall. Because they are comfortably molded to the teeth, they’re more comfortable, and athletes tend to be more compliant with wearing them during their activity without interfering with breathing, hydrating, etc.

Bruxism Mouthguards and Bite Splints

If you clench or grind your teeth, a bruxism mouthguard will help reduce the chances of worn enamel and fractured dental work. Instead, the acrylic appliance will take the brunt of the teeth grinding, saving your smile and your wallet.

Mouthguards and nightguards are frequently recommended to individuals who exhibit signs of bruxism or TMJ disorder. They help create a buffer between the upper and lower teeth, preventing your jaws from fully clenching the teeth together. This measure naturally rests the jaw joint and prevents tooth wear.

For individuals who tend to clench and grind their teeth during the day out of stress, a smaller or more discreet bite splint may be suggested.

It’s important that you discuss other symptoms linked with nighttime teeth clenching and grinding, such as high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, or snoring, as these may also be warning signs of sleep apnea.

Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

Stock or “boil and bite” mouthguards are inexpensive and easily found at most drugstores. Unfortunately, they are not as effective as custom-fitted appliances made by a dentist. Because the devices are much bulkier and loosely fitted, they typically fail to offer the protection needed against oral injuries. They can also be uncomfortable to sleep in, making them more difficult to wear.

However, commercial mouthguards may be recommended for orthodontic patients due to the extra room they allow for. They can also be an entry-level appliance if you are considering investing in a custom mouthguard but are still unsure about how it will feel to wear one at night.

Patient holding mouthguard

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How Custom Mouthguards are Made

A custom-fitted mouthguard is made by taking an impression or digital scan of your own unique bite. We then use the replica to create a customized appliance that snuggly fits around your teeth to provide the highest level of comfort and protection.

Depending on what your mouthguard is needed for, we can customize the materials and colors to reflect your needs. For example, matching your jersey or team colors if you need an athletic appliance.

Children or teens whose mouths are still developing will usually need to have their mouthguards replaced each season. However, adult patients can typically wear their mouthguard for several years before it needs to be replaced.

Mouthguard Maintenance

It’s extremely important that mouthguards be stored in a cool, dry case when not in use. A protective case will reduce the likelihood of a small child or pet accidentally damaging the appliance when it’s not being used. Also, avoid hot temperatures (such as a car) while storing your mouthguard, as it could warp or distort the material.

To clean your mouthguard, use a soft toothbrush, antibacterial hand soap, and room-temperature tap water. You can also soak your mouthguard in a denture cleanser overnight if there is visible buildup that needs to be removed. Never use abrasive toothpaste, baking soda, or harsh cleaning materials, as they can damage the acrylic and cause bacterial buildup.

Because bruxism mouthguards gradually wear out, it’s important to bring your appliance with you to your dental exam. We will evaluate it to ensure it’s protecting your smile as best as possible and recommend replacing it when needed.

Custom lab-mad mouthguards

Our custom lab-made mouthguards are designed to fit comfortably and provide maximum protection.

How Much Do Mouthguards Cost?

The price of a sports mouthguard or bruxism splint can vary depending on the type of materials used, the mouthguard design, and if you’re using dental insurance. The cost of a mouthguard is only a fraction of what it would be to repair broken teeth from a sports injury, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in emergency dental treatment. By investing in these protective acrylic appliances, you can reduce the amount of time and money you spend in a dentist’s office because of an athletic injury or worn teeth.

During your consultation, our Woodland Hills dentist will recommend the best type of mouthguard for your needs. At that time, we can provide you with a price quote as it relates to the product and any insurance benefits being applied.

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Oral Trauma: Oral trauma is any form of trauma or force that results in an injury of the mouth or teeth. Oral trauma can occur after an accident, injury or disease.

Custom Impression: Custom impression involves using trays to create an exact replica of the patient’s teeth before creating the necessary restoration to enhance the overall experience.

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Hands down the best dental experience. They repaired my dental fillings that had previously been done poorly and caused me pain.

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Hands down the best dental experience. They repaired my dental fillings that had previously been done poorly and caused me pain.

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